Nkrumah The Hypocrite: Kwame Nkrumah and the Queens Elitist “Privy Council”


Nkrumah The Hypocrite:  Kwame Nkrumah and the Queens Elitist “Privy Council”

The same Kwame Nkrumah, who latched onto every single opportunity to bash the Imperialists for every single political and personal gain that he could muster, he also secretly nursed a secret admiration and infatuation of the British Monarchy.  It is important to note that, back in those days, this council had the power of life and death itself.

Nkrumah went ahead and  spent huge sums of tax payer monies in wooing the queen to come to Ghana even though the Queen was clearly reluctant and uninterested.  And when Tawiah Adamafio and others confronted him about his duplicitous behavior he was always quick to get defensive about it.  Citing the fact that, the funds committed for the Queens visit had already been spent.


Upon his appointment to this elitist council, Nkrumah had this to say to his people:



He even went on to gloat about it in one of his books (I Speak of Freedom) about the fact that the Queen confided in him regarding her pregnancy, many weeks , before telling her own people back in England.




Tawiah Admafio later on dedicated a whole chapter to this matter in his autobiography (By Nkrumah’s side):

IMG_3012 (2).JPG


IMG_3013 (2).JPG

IMG_3015 (2).JPGIMG_3014.JPG


IMG_3016 (2).JPG


The New York Times had this to say about the event:











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  1. So far on Ghana history. Let’s look at solutions for the future.


  2. Nkrumah knew how important a relationship with the British Commonwealth was. He understood the economic reality.


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