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Zuru Uhola Cultural Festival: The Historic Ancestral Dakarkari Cultural Event

Zuru Emirate in Kebbi State is the home of the Dakarkaris, a people known for their endurance and hardwork. The people are also known for their   farming prowess and have a rich cultural depicted during festival called Uhola. It is a symbol of the old tradition of the Dakarkari inherited from their  ancestors. The Zuru Uhola cultural festival is a yearly event celebrated by the Zuru people; families and clans converge to showcase their history, cultural status, farming potentials, hunting and fighting skills as well as the achievements of the people in different spheres of life.
The festival, according to the Emir of Zuru, Major Gen. Sani Sami(rtd) Gomo II is a symbol of unity and reflection of the strength and values of the people. The emir also described the festival as the creation and tradition of their ancestors who sacrificed so much to bequeath to the people a culture which even the passage of time have failed to render obsolete.
The 2014 Uhola Cultural Festival was held on April 25 and 26 in Zuru. Families, clans and prominent sons and daughters of the emirate from within and outside the state graced the two-day event which also featured agricultural show. Visitors from various parts of the country participated to catch the sights and sound of the historic cultural festival.
LEADERSHIP Sunday observed that people from various villages in the area thronged the venue of the festival. The participants who were adorned in various locally made attires, dresses and make-ups rendered the festival very colourful.
During the agricultural show, farmers in the emirate comprising four local government areas; Fakai, Sakaba, Danko Wasagu and the host local government, Zuru, displayed their food crops ranging from Guinea-corn, maize, wheat, vegetables, and mangoes to livestock such as cows, sheep, fish, goats, fowls and even crocodiles.





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