Africa’s Most Peaceful and Dangerous Countries in 2016 Rankings – Institute of Economics and Peace

Kwame Nkrumah took a per-existing idea, the idea of a Union Force or United African Army which he aptly named the African High Command (AHC) to OAU, seeing that, the quest for the Social and Economic emancipation of Africa could be easily hijacked by Imperialists if it lacked a competent Defense apparatus in the form of a continental Army.  As Nkrumah opined that the establishment of a unified military structure is necessary “to ensure the stability and security of Africa.”

Then of course the political opportunists and self serving zealots found every possible excuse to fight against such a noble idea.  This issue ended up creating two distinct blocs in the OAU.  The Brazzaville Bloc/group (which later became the Monrovia Bloc) which mainly opposed the idea of a Centralized Military command in favor of nationalism, and the Casablanca group/bloc which included Ghana.

Fast forward almost seven decades on, you look cursory glance at the international security rankings report on African countries, and you will quickly find out that majority of those described as most “Insecure”, “War Prone”, “Unstable”, etc.  and are mostly former members of the so called Monrovia group.   Group members such as Congo (former Zaire), Nigeria, Liberia, etc. have badly needed (and in the case of Nigeria, they still very much could use the help) of a Continental Military Force that is capable of rapidly mobilizing and deploying forces anywhere on the continent, in both conflict and humanitarian situations.

The more salient question at this point in our history as African’s, should be, regardless of our previous mistakes, how can we move forward and implement some sought of sophisticated and formidable Continental Security apparatus.  Until then, sustained Economic Development will remain a challenge.
The Monrovia Group
Comprised the twelve countries of the Brazzaville Group (Cameroon, Congo-Brazzaville, Côte d’lvoire, Dahomey (Benin), Gabon, Upper Volta (Burkina Faso), Madagascar, Mauritania, Niger, the Central African Republic, Senegal and Chad ); as well as Ethiopia, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Togo, Tunisia and Congo (Kinshasa).

The Casablanca Group
Emerged in 1961, comprising seven countries: Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Guinea, Libya, Mali and Morocco.
Africa’s most peaceful countries in 2016:
1-Mauritius (23rd)

2-Botswana (28th)

3-Madagascar (38th)

4-Zambie (40th)

5-Sierra Leone (43rd)

6-Ghana (44th)

7-Malawi (45th)

8-Namibia (55th)

9-Tanzania (58th)

10-Equatorial Guinea (62nd)

11-Lesotho (63rd)

12-Tunisia (64th)

13-Togo (66th)

14-Mozambique (68th)

15-Senegal (70th)

16-Benin (72nd)

17-Liberia (72nd)

18-Gabon (79th)

19-Burkina Faso (88th)

20-Swaziland (90th)

21-Morocco (91st)

22-Gambia (92nd)

23-Angola (98th)

24-Uganda (101st)

25-Guinea (102nd)

26-Algeria (108th)

27-Niger (113th)

28-Congo Republic (114th)

29-Guinea Bissau (116th)

30-Côte d’Ivoire (118th)

31-Ethiopia (119th)

32-Djibouti (121st)

33-Mauritania (123rd)

34-South Africa (126th)

35-Zimbabwe (127th)

36-Rwanda (128th)

37-Cameroon (130th)

38-Kenya (131st)

39-Erythrea (135th)

40-Chad (136th)

41-Mali (137th)

42-Burundi (138th)

43-Egypt (142nd)

44-Nigeria (149th)

45-DR Congo (152nd)

46-Lybia (154th)

47-Sudan (155th)

48-Central African Republic (157th)

49-Somalia (159th)

50-South Sudan (162nd)







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